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About Fajr Al-Islam Learning Center Virtual

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Welcome to Fajr al-Islam Learning Center. Our aim is to provide elementary through high school-aged youth living in impoverished communities, with the necessary tools to contribute to society as exemplary students.


Our responsibility is to impart information gained from personal experience, research, and training on how to make systemic changes in the educational process and in each participant’s personal life that create positive outcomes and viable opportunities for success. 


Our commitment is to act as advocates for young students providing them with positive and sustaining alternative solutions to social-economic challenges that they face each day.

For more information please contact the administration at:

Monday-Friday 9 am to 3 pm


FALC 5 Year Plan

Early Childhood Education


  • Our goal is to provide all children with a strong and early start to their formal education.

  • To offset the established process of instilling inferiority in children.

  • At some point, it is hoped to include a “Countdown to Kindergarten”.

  • This will help families and students prepare for a successful transition to school.

  • We will place low-income preschool children on the road to literacy and future success by empowering their educators to use the arts to teach academic skills.

  • To learn more please review pdf for further details (Plan).

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